Virtual Lab: Connecting with Windows IE

Log in with your GT Account to the vlab web interface at


If you have not used the vlab before, the web site will prompt you to download the Citrix client software, which runs on your local computer to connect to vlab virtual machines.  Instructions and screenshots below show this process, but in general the web site will guide you through the process and explain each step.


Follow the instructions to install the client.  You'll be asked to run the installer, choose whether to install USB support (to allow access to local USB devices from vlab machines), and perhaps to restart:


After the client is installed, return to the vlab login page.  The IE message bar will ask for permission to run the Citrix ActiveX control:


If you have not used the vlab before, the 'Messages' area of the interface will show a message asking you to add the vlab site to IE's 'trusted zones' list.  Click the link for instructions.


Follow the instructions to add the trusted site.  Use the name rather than the URL shown in the dialog.  So, the trusted  sites dialog will look like this:


Now that IE is configured for Citrix, click the link for a vlab machine to run it.


You may be prompted to allow the virtual machine to access your local computer's files.  Choose 'Full Access' to allow both reading and writing of your local files from the virtual machine.


When finished using the virtual machine, you may choose 'Disconnect' from the Start Menu if you want your virtual machine and any running programs to remain available for up to 24 hours; you will be presented with the same virtual machine on your next vlab access.  Virtual machines are automatically shut down after 24 hours to make resources available for other users.  If you no longer need the virtual machine, choose 'Log off' from the Start Menu: