Adobe Licensing - Named User Licensing


All Georgia Tech faculty, most staff, and all graduate student employees have licensed access to all Adobe Creative Cloud applications. They can install and log into the software and on GT-owned and personally-owned computers. This is known as Named User Licensing (NUL).

More specifics about eligibility for NUL licensing: This type of license is available for employees categorized as "knowledge workers". For these purposes, knowledge workers are defined as either:

  1. Employees in job categories 100-600 of GT's job categorization scheme -- this corresponds to the first digit of the employee's job code

    100 Executives/Administrators
    200 Faculty/Academics
    300 Other Administrative Professionals
    400 Other Professionals
    500 Clerical/Secretarial
    600 Technical/Paraprofessional/Professional
    700 Skilled Crafts
    800 Service/Maintenance
    900 Other Positions

    Note: There are a few knowledge workers within job categories 700 and 800 -- such as management or administrative positions -- for the time being, until those titles can be automated, these can be added manually by request to OIT.

  2. Graduate student employees

One way to check whether NUL is provisioned for an account is in IAT under the account record view -> entitlements -> filter the list for "adobe" to see if the account entitlement /gt/central/services/adobe/adobe-user-sync/enabled is in place:

Checking for Adobe NUL privileges

Users with this type of license may install and use any Adobe Creative Cloud software on GT-owned or personal computers. Each user may activate and use the software on up to 2 computers at a time. Users who attempt to activate on a third device will be prompted to de-activate the software on a currently activated computer.

Installation Instructions