Adobe Licensing - Named User Licensing - Installation - Case 1


In this case, the user intends to use Adobe Creative Cloud software on a personally-owned computer or on a GT-owned computer for which she has administrative rights -- in other words, in this case the user can install software independently without assistance from IT.

The Creative Cloud Desktop Application (CCDA) is the best way to manage installation and updating of the Adobe Creative Cloud software titles you want.

A straightforward way to get the CCDA is:

Visit the Adobe web site at

Click "Sign In" in the upper right corner

Adobe web site signin

Follow instructions for log in with GT Account. In brief: use the long form of your GT Account, e.g., -- you'll be routed through the familiar GT Login process. Instructions with screenshots

Once logged into the Adobe site, follow links for Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud Access 1

and then download the CCDA

Creative Cloud Access 2

Once CCDA is installed, you'll have an interface like this to handle login, installation, and updating of the Adobe Creative Cloud software packages you want to use.

CCDA Interface