Scheduling Regular BlueJeans Sessions for Classes or Meetings


Though there will likely be other communications for faculty and staff about how to use various online tools, we wanted to give a very brief summary of how to initiate BlueJeans meetings. There are a couple of different ways -- the simplest depends on your need.

  1. Creating A BlueJeans Meeting For Class, via Canvas
  2. Start a Meeting Directly Via BlueJeans (My Meeting)
  3. Testing and Troubleshooting with a Test Call

Creating A BlueJeans Meeting For Class, via Canvas

BlueJeans is integrated within Canvas and makes it easy to schedule and join BlueJeans meetings for your classes. In brief:

  • Log into Canvas and choose the course for which you want to schedule the meeting.
  • In the left-hand navigation, you should see a link for BlueJeans. Select it to enter BlueJeans, which will display in the right side of the window.

    bluejeans link

  • There are two steps -- scheduling the meeting and then joining it. Select the Schedule button to access the scheduling dialog.

    schedule button

  • Most options are clear, and for the most part the defaults are fine. A couple to pay attention to:
    • If you want the meeting to recur at every class period, you can choose the Recurring Meeting checkbox (see red arrow in screen capture below) and schedule accordingly. If you want to invite other people in addition to members of the class, use the Add Invite functionality (see purple arrow in screen capture below).

      schedule dialog

    • Once you've scheduled the meeting, you'll see it listed in the New BlueJeans Meetings list. Select the Join button to join the meeting.

      join button

Start a Meeting Directly Via BlueJeans (My Meeting)

For meeting with groups other than classes, you can use "My Meeting" -- this is a default meeting room that every BlueJeans user has -- no need to explicitly schedule it.

  • Visit the Georgia Tech BlueJeans Gateway ( and click the blue Login button on the bottom left; log in via GT Login as usual.
  • Once logged in, click the Start My Meeting button. Note that you can copy the link for that meeting using the link below the button, and you can send that link to anyone you want to participate in the meeting.

    start my meeting

  • Once you start your meeting, it will become live in the BlueJeans app.
  • Note that if you need control over more advanced features, you can use the Schedule Meeting button to see more options. "My Meeting" is usually adequate for most needs.

Testing and Troubleshooting with a Test Call

BlueJeans has a test call link with a parrot, which will parrot back whatever it hears from you. You can use this before you start a meeting, and recommend it to your participants, especially those having difficulties.

  • Open the BlueJeans Test Meeting ( in a browser, or enter meeting number 111 in the BlueJeans app.
  • Check under Settings to make sure you have the correct microphone and speakers selected
  • Check that your microphone is not muted

BlueJeans Microphone and Speaker settings

Bluejeans Microphone Mute button and Settings button