BlueJeans Events


What is BlueJeans Events and Why Should I Consider Using it Instead of a Normal BlueJeans Meeting?

BlueJeans Events is geared towards a single or small set of presenters presenting to a large audience, whereas regular BlueJeans is designed for general group calls (e.g. office meetings).

Features in BlueJeans Events That Differ From a Normal BlueJeans Meeting:

  • Raise Your Hand - By default, all attendees are muted when they attend a BlueJeans Event. The Raise Your Hand feature makes it so muted attendees can become un-muted so they can ask the presenter a question similar to a traditional classroom environment.

  • Polls - Presenters and Moderators have the ability in BlueJeans Events to create a poll and send it to attendees.  

  • Q&A - Since attendees in a BlueJeans Event are muted by default, the Q&A feature allows for attendees to ask questions that the presenter or moderator can respond to.

How Do I Get Started Using BlueJeans Events?

Access to schedule a meeting in Bluejeans Events has been enabled for all Georgia Tech Faculty in the Georgia Tech BlueJeans Gateway ( Once logged in you should see Events as a tab in the top center of the screen.

To get started, we recommend reviewing the "Events overview" (red arrow, below) -- this will explain the basic features, how to schedule, etc:

events overview

How Do I Get the App?

If you are using a Georgia Tech owned computer, you can install the app yourself using the Self Service (Mac) or Software Center (Windows) application installed on your computer

If you are using a personal device you can download the app directly from BlueJeans.

If you need help getting started, please let your IAC IT staff know with a message to