Set up Thunderbird with GT's two-factor authentication

What is Thunderbird? 

Thunderbird is a freely-available email client, created and maintained by the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird is available in over 60 languages, with cross-platform availability for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It provides superior ease of use, with excellent long-term stability and support for industry standards such as IMAP and OAUTH2.  

Fraudulent Email

From time to time, Internet miscreants will attempt to impersonate GT persons in leadership positions.

Verbiage varies, but often the sender will attempt to get the recipient to start a conversation via email or phone, ultimately asking the recipient to make a purchase on his behalf. An example of a miscreant attempting to impersonate Dean Husbands Fealing:

From: Chair Department <>
Date: June 13, 2020 at 5:17:51 PM EDT
To: (someone at GT)
Reply-To: Chair Department <>

Why Doesn't the Mailing List Server Recognize My Privileges?

Georgia Tech allows users to have multiple email addresses, sometimes of different forms (e.g., and While this can be useful, it can also cause confusion with respect to mailing lists.

The basic rule is this: When you send mail to the list server, the server only knows who you are by the email address from which you send the mail.

Here is a common scenario involving mailing list user George:

IAC Mailing List Information

IAC maintains several mailing lists through OIT's central list service. Lists are owned and managed by the administrative staff of each school. Below are a few general points:

  • In general, you must be subscribed to a list to send mail to it

  • You must send mail using the same email address under which you are subscribed to the list. For example, if you decide to begin using an address, your mailing list subscriptions would need to be changed to that address for mail to be accepted