File Storage

Accessing your PRISM Home Directory

OIT has retired the interactive PRISM services (SSH to, but the file storage and web service aspects of PRISM service are still available.  In other words, if you previously accessed your Prism files through SSH on (for example using WinSCP or Fugu), you will need to access your files in a different way.

The recommended way to access your Prism home directory is to mount it as a drive (Windows) or volume (Mac). Instructions for each are linked here:

Manually connecting to network storage

On each IAC faculty/staff Windows computer, automatically-created shortcuts provide easy access to various network locations. However, these shortcuts are only available on computers maintained by IAC and do not automatically appear on other campus computers, such as those located in the Library or classrooms. In the absence of these shortcuts, users can manually connect to network storage by following the steps below:

PLEASE NOTE:  Until the screen shots are fixed, please use (as opposed to

Mapping drives to network storage

Some people may prefer to work with network storage through mapped drives rather than desktop shortcuts. A mapped drive appears under 'My Computer' with a lettered drive name. These instructions explain how to map a drive to network storage.

In this example, a user named 'iac-testuser' will map her IAC network storage to the drive letter T. (In general it is best to choose later alphabet letters to avoid conflict with earlier letters often reserved for removable media such as thumb drives.)

Accessing IAC File Storage

IAC offers network-accessible file storage for both individual and shared use. This document provides an overview of file storage and access; links to other documents provide more specific information.

Users are encouraged to store all important files on the network storage; this provides several benefits: