IT Policy

Business Continuity Plan for Ivan Allen College (IAC) Information Systems

  1. Prioritization of systems -- the following documents prioritization for bringing IAC systems back online:
    • NAS file server -- would be done in coordination with OIT engineers because this is managed by OIT and provided as a service to IAC
    • IAC Virtual server infrastructure
    • Individual IAC workstations
  2. Alternate resources and locations where IAC systems can be brought back online

    Computer Purchasing Recommendations

    Whenever possible, it is our goal to limit our computer purchasing to a small number of different brands and models.  We believe this strategy will allow us to meet IAC's IT needs while at the same time maintaining an efficient, supportable IT environment for maximum availability.

    We also realize that, in some cases, there may be a compelling reason to purchase a non-standard computer model.  For example, if our standard vendor does not offer a certain functionality in their product line, purchasing from another vendor makes sense.