Platform: Mac OS X

NoMAD Information

Mac users may notice a new icon in the status area (the upper right part of the Mac's top menu). This icon is for a software utility called NoMAD. This image shows the icon:

NoMAD Icon

and this image shows the drop-down menu that appears when the icon is clicked on:

Connecting to IAC Windows Computers from off-campus via VPN (Mac client)

This method allows connection from off-campus to an on-campus office computer running Windows.  The method uses technologies called Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which together allow you to connect securely to your computer through the Internet and give you mouse and keyboard control over your computer while showing you everything that's happening on the screen. This method is particularly useful if you need access to your exact work environment and applications from your home computer or other off-campus computer (coffee shop, hotel, etc).

Synchronizing files between laptop and network storage with Chronosync

As outlined in the IAC File Storage Overview, we generally encourage users to store files on network storage rather than on local drives for backup and security reasons. However, laptop users, particularly those who travel often, may need full-time access to all files, regardless of whether internet access is available. In such cases we recommend file synchronization solutions, which synchronize local and network storage when the computer is connected to the campus network.