NoMAD Information

Mac users may notice a new icon in the status area (the upper right part of the Mac's top menu). This icon is for a software utility called NoMAD. This image shows the icon:

NoMAD Icon

and this image shows the drop-down menu that appears when the icon is clicked on:

Adobe Licensing - Named User Licensing - Installation - Case 2

This case applies to GT-managed Windows and MacOS computers -- that is, computers enrolled in Windows SCCM or MacOS Jamf endpoint management systems. In these cases, software installers are made available to end users through an application catalog from which users can choose.


On Windows managed computers, look for the application called Software Center:

Adobe Licensing - Login with GT Account

In both Named User Licensing and Shared Device Licensing situations, the software will require you to log in with an Adobe ID. Your GT Account can be used as an Adobe ID to log into the software, as shown here. In a nutshell:

  1. When prompted by the software, use the long form of your GT Account -- e.g.,

    Depending on whether you're logging in via the web or via the Creative Cloud Desktop Application, the prompt may look slightly different.

Adobe Licensing - Named User Licensing - Installation - Case 1

In this case, the user intends to use Adobe Creative Cloud software on a personally-owned computer or on a GT-owned computer for which she has administrative rights -- in other words, in this case the user can install software independently without assistance from IT.

The Creative Cloud Desktop Application (CCDA) is the best way to manage installation and updating of the Adobe Creative Cloud software titles you want.

A straightforward way to get the CCDA is:

Visit the Adobe web site at

Adobe Licensing - Shared Device Licensing

Shared Device Licensing is available for use on shared computers in labs, classrooms, and locations where computers are used by more than one person. This method allows Georgia Tech students to log into Adobe Creative Cloud applications on Georgia-Tech-owned computers where it's installed. (Our license does not include student use on personally-owned devices.)

A limited number of SDL packages are made available for installation through SCCM and Jamf management systems.

Adobe Licensing - Named User Licensing

All Georgia Tech faculty, most staff, and all graduate student employees have licensed access to all Adobe Creative Cloud applications. They can install and log into the software and on GT-owned and personally-owned computers. This is known as Named User Licensing (NUL).

More specifics about eligibility for NUL licensing: This type of license is available for employees categorized as "knowledge workers". For these purposes, knowledge workers are defined as either:

Adobe Licensing

All Adobe Creative Cloud software now requires login with an Adobe ID. This is a change from the previous serialized installations that did not require individual login to the software. (For those familiar with login to installed software such as Microsoft Office 365 applications, this process works similarly.)

Georgia Tech users can use the long form of their GT Account (e.g., as their Adobe ID.

Wharton Research Data Service

The Georgia Tech College of Business maintains a subscription to Wharton Research Data Service, a collection business data used to support research. From the WRDS site:

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) is a web-based business data research service from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Developed in 1993 to support faculty research at Wharton, the service has evolved to become a common tool for research for over 250 institutions around the world.