Manually connecting to network storage

On each IAC faculty/staff Windows computer, automatically-created shortcuts provide easy access to various network locations. However, these shortcuts are only available on computers maintained by IAC and do not automatically appear on other campus computers, such as those located in the Library or classrooms. In the absence of these shortcuts, users can manually connect to network storage by following the steps below:

PLEASE NOTE:  Until the screen shots are fixed, please use (as opposed to

  1. Select 'Run...' from the Windows Start menu:
    Windows 'Run' command in Start Menu

  2. In the 'Run' dialog box, type the network location you want to access. For individual network storage, type \\\username. In this example, the user is named iac-testuser; your username is your GT Account, which is the username used to log into GT email:
    Windows 'Run' command prompt

  3. After clicking 'OK', a Windows Explorer window should display your files:
    Windows Explorer Window

  4. It's also possible to save work directly to your network storage from the 'Save' dialog of applications. For example, to save a document from Microsoft Word directly to network storage, type the entire location into the 'File name' field; in this example, the user named 'iac-testuser' is saving a file called 'Test4.doc' to her network storage, so she types \\\iac-testuser\Test4.doc into the 'Save' dialog:
    Windows Save Dialog Box