Using Mail Merge with Entourage and Microsoft Word

  1. First you need to open Entourage and check that it is set as your default email client. To do this, go to the Entourage menu and select Entourage. This will cause a drop down menu to display. From the drop down menu select "Preferences." (see the figure below)

  2. Once you've selected Preferences, you will see a box pop up in Entourage. You then need to select the button that says "Set Entourage to be my default email client." (see the figure below)

  3. After you have set Entourage as your default email client, open Microsoft Word and create a new blank document or open a pre-existing document that you plan to send using mail merge. Once you have your Word document ready, you will need to select the "Tools" tab in the Word menu bar. Next you should select the "Mail Merge Manager" option. A box should pop up with the title "Mail Merge Manager." (see the figures below)

  4. Within the Mail Merge Manager box, select the "create new" button and select "form labels" from the options listed. (See the figure below)

  5. Next you will need to select a file from which Word can pull the names and emails for your email message. Click the arrow beside the heading "Select Recipient List." This will expand the section, allowing you to click the "Get List" button. You can either select a new data source, which will allow you to create one, or open one from your files. Either way you will need to have an Excel file with a column for the names and another for the emails. If you open one from file it will ask you to convert the file, click yes.

    [Note: If you are trying to send the email to one person, and CC others as well, please include the email addresses you are CCing to in the email column you have setup. The emails must be separated by a semi-colon, as a comma will not work. ] (see the figures below)

  6. Once you have selected the file you are going to use for your data source, the Excel file in other words, it will ask you to open it. Just say yes. Then you will see data appear under the "Insert Placeholders" header. This allows you to drag and drop the place holders you want into your document. I have selected the firstname and lastname placeholders to demonstrate. (See the figure below)

  7. After your document looks the way you would like it to, you are able to preview the document with the names and any other placeholders as it will appear to whoever you choose to send it to. To do this select the "<<abc>>" button under the heading "Preview Results." If you want to stop previewing just click the button again to turn off the function. (See the figure below)

  8. When you are finished previewing your document, you can move to merge the document to emails. For this you need to have Entourage open. Go ahead and open Entourage if you have closed it from before. After you have the program open, go back to Word. You are now going to select the final step, clicking the "generate email messages" button located under the "Complete the Merge" heading. (See the figure below)

  9. Now once you have completed the last step, a box will pop up asking you for a subject line for your email. Type in an appropriate subject line for your email and then click the button that says "Mail Merge to Outbox." And that's it! (See the figure below)