Computer Purchasing Recommendations


Whenever possible, it is our goal to limit our computer purchasing to a small number of different brands and models.  We believe this strategy will allow us to meet IAC's IT needs while at the same time maintaining an efficient, supportable IT environment for maximum availability.

We also realize that, in some cases, there may be a compelling reason to purchase a non-standard computer model.  For example, if our standard vendor does not offer a certain functionality in their product line, purchasing from another vendor makes sense.

Currently, the brands we generally recommend are Dell and Apple.  For some purposes, we may also suggest IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad laptops.

Focusing on these brands creates a healthier IT environment in several ways:

  • Computer purchases happen much faster because these companies have special business arrangements with Georgia Tech
  • Local IT support is streamlined when working with a limited number of computer components; this increases our ability to deploy and maintain machines quickly and improves our ability to offer prompt service;
  • These companies offer very prompt hardware support and have service& organizations that are known to be very responsive; this helps us achieve maximum availability within our IT environment.