Printing to IAC Lab Printers via the Campus VPN

It is possible to print directly from personal computers to IAC lab printers through the VPN.  Below are instructions for this.

  1. Connect to the campus VPN.

  2. Type \\\ into the Run... prompt of Windows or the "Search for programs and files" box of Windows Vista/7:
    Windows Run Prompt

  3. Log in with your GT Account and password when prompted.  You'll need to prepend your GT Account with ad\; for example for a GT Account of gburdell3, you'd type ad\gburdell3 :
    Network Authentication Prompt

  4. You'll then see a list of available printers:
    Network Printer List

  5. Right-click the printer you'd like to use and select "Connect":
    Connect to Printer Option

  6. You'll probably be prompted to install a driver for the printer:
    Driver Installation Dialog Box

  7. When this is complete, the printer will appear in your computer's list of available printers:
    New Printer in Windows Printer List