Wharton Research Data Service

The Georgia Tech College of Business maintains a subscription to Wharton Research Data Service, a collection business data used to support research. From the WRDS site:

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) is a web-based business data research service from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Developed in 1993 to support faculty research at Wharton, the service has evolved to become a common tool for research for over 250 institutions around the world.

WRDS is the de facto standard for business data, providing researchers worldwide with instant access to financial, economic, and marketing data though a uniform, web-based interface. This hosted data service has become the locus for quantitative data research and is recognized by the academic and financial research community around the world as the leading business intelligence tool.

WRDS provides access to COMPUSTAT, CRSP, IBES/First Call, NYSE-TAQ, Global Insight, OptionMetrics and other important business research databases.

WRDS is available to all Georgia Tech faculty and students. To gain access visit


and register for a WRDS account. The approval process, which is overseen by the College of Business, may take a day or two. Below are screenshots to give an overview of data sets available.