Accessing your PRISM Home Directory


OIT has retired the interactive PRISM services (SSH to, but the file storage and web service aspects of PRISM service are still available.  In other words, if you previously accessed your Prism files through SSH on (for example using WinSCP or Fugu), you will need to access your files in a different way.

The recommended way to access your Prism home directory is to mount it as a drive (Windows) or volume (Mac). Instructions for each are linked here:

These methods are restricted to Georgia Tech networks (campus networks, LAWN, or VPN).  Off-campus access requires use of the campus VPN, which allows your computer to behave as if it is on the campus network.  More information can be found in the VPN section of the OIT FAQ.  If you are off campus, you need first to connect to the VPN and then follow the instructions above to mount your Prism directory.

Once your Prism directory is mounted, you can copy files to and from it as if it were another volume or drive on your computer.

For advanced users with special needs, you can also access your PRISM home directory over SCP or SFTP via any compatible client.  The hostname for accessing your home directory this way is "".

Additional Notes

  1. If you would like to copy a large number of files or a large folder structure, or if you want to keep a local folder synchronized with a folder on PRISM, software like the open source Synkron utility can assist with that task.
  2. If these methods do not meet your needs, please contact us to discuss; we may be able to offer other alternatives.