Access from your iOS device

You can access your files from in your iOS mobile device with a native App.

  1. Go to the App Store and search for HTTP commander:
    App Store Screen

  2. Open the App and add to your server list:
    HTTP Commander Add Button

  3. If you do not have a passcode to unlock your device, you will likely want to enable the "Ask for Credentials" option to prevent unauthorized access, otherwise fill in the blanks with the following:

    • URL:
    • Username: ad\<your gtaccount username>
    • Secure Connection: ON

    HTTP Commander Share Options Screen


  4. Select from your server list (this will be whatever you put in the Title box from the last step:
    HTTP Commander Server List Screen

  5. You will then see your list of folders:
    HTTP Commander List of Folders

  6. Select a folder to see it's contents:
    HTTP Commander List of Files

  7. Select a file and do something with it:
    HTTP Commander Selecting a File