Updating macOS

Making sure that your Mac is kept up to date is important. Macs that are part of IAC will automatically install minor updates that do not require a reboot. However, updates that require a reboot must be initiated by the user. There are two ways that you can install updates on a Mac.


Before updating your computer make sure the following is complete!

  • You have a backup of your documents and data from the Mac you are about to update.
  • If updating a Macbook, make sure that it is plugged in and is charging.


Jamf Self Service

The first way to update your macOS is through the Jamf Self Service app that is installed on your Mac.

1. Open the Self Service app via Launchpad or Finder

2. Once you have the Self Service app open, on the left side scroll down to OS Updates. If your Mac has any updates the macOS Updates policy will be visible.

3. Click on the Run Updates button and the updates will start to install.