Email and Mailing Lists

Campus Email

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IAC uses Georgia Tech's central email/calendar/contact system, known as Office 365.  More information is available about Office 365 and why Georgia Tech transitioned to it

We generally recommend that people use the Office 365 web interface for several reasons:

  • Consistent and unified view of email, calendar, and contacts in a single interface

  • Access from any web browser

  • Data security and backup, since all data is stored on a central server

  • Less hassle with home mail access and ISP issues, since all data is transmitted over the common web protocol

  • The best experience for users with lots of stored mail and large mailboxes

However, there are reasons why one may want/need to use other programs such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or Outlook.  We provide support for those packages as best we can, as well as mobile devices.

Campus Mailing Lists

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We use Georgia Tech's central mailing list service extensively.  A web interface allows you to request new lists and administer (change subscriber lists, etc) your lists.

It is possible to arrange for lists to be populated automatically, updating its subscribers automatically as people come and go from your school -- for example, if you want a list for all LCC graduate students.  Let us know if you have such a need.

More information is available about some specific IAC mailing lists.

A common problem can happen when people attempt to send to a closed list (one that only subscribers are allowed to send to) from a different "From" address than the one they're subscribed under.  Note that the list server knows you only by your "From" address, so you must send from your subscribed address for it to know you're a subscriber.  If you want to change your main Georgia Tech email address, we can help you change the address under which you're subscribed to various lists.

Additional information is available to aid in troubleshooting mailing list problems.