IAC Mailing List Information


IAC maintains several mailing lists through OIT's central list service. Lists are owned and managed by the administrative staff of each school. Below are a few general points:

  • In general, you must be subscribed to a list to send mail to it

  • You must send mail using the same email address under which you are subscribed to the list. For example, if you decide to begin using an @gatech.edu address, your mailing list subscriptions would need to be changed to that address for mail to be accepted

  • A few lists are moderated, meaning they require that messages be sent by an owner of the list

  • Subscribers for most lists are maintained manually. If you would like to be subscribed to a list, one option is to contact the administrative staff in the department to request that you be added to the list. Alternately, you can send a message to sympa@lists.gatech.edu with subject line "subscribe [listname]" (without the quotes). The list owners will receive notification of your request.

Below are some of the College's mailing lists; append @lists.gatech.edu to send to the list:

  • afrotc-fac
  • arotc-fac
  • econ
  • econ-faculty
  • hsoc
  • hsoc-faculty
  • iac-deans-office
  • inta
  • inta-faculty
  • ivan-allen-college*
  • lmc
  • lmc-fac
  • britts
  • modern-languages
  • modlangs-fac
  • nrotc-fac
  • public-policy
  • pubp-faculty

Note: ivan-allen-college is a moderated list (i.e. most subscribers can not send to it) that is used for official communications from the College.