IAC Statistics (Stats) Server

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Ivan Allen College is equipped with a high-performance, 64-bit computation platform, to be used for the intensive data analysis processes required by statistics software. This Stats Server is available for use by both faculty and students. All IAC faculty, staff, and student majors automatically have access to the stats server. Others must request access by contacting helpdesk@iac.gatech.edu. After your account has been added, you will be able to access the server via the MyCloud portal as IAC Stats 2021 under Desktops.

Hardware info

  • 72 cores
  • 2tb memory
  • 10+tb local SSD disk storage

Installed software includes:

  1. ArcGIS Workstation and Desktop
  2. R and R Studio
  3. Microsoft Excel
  4. Microsoft Access
  5. SAS
  6. STATA
  7. SPSS
  9. VantagePoint

Guidelines for using the stats server

  • The stats server is not intended to be used for permanent data storage. Data saved on the server's hard drive is not backed up and is not recoverable in the event of a drive failure. While storing files on the server's hard drive is possible for temporary "scratch space" or in order to run processes that require the fastest possible disk access, we recommend that users save data to their network home directories.

    • IAC employees are encouraged to use the IAC file server (iac.nas.gatech.edu)

    • Students are encouraged to use the PRISM file server (prism.nas.gatech.edu).

    • Upon logging in, users will see shortcuts to existing IAC or PRISM network directories. These network directories can be accessed and used in the same manner as local folders.

  • The stats server is not intended to be used for web browsing or email access.

  • When you have finished using the server, please log off by clicking "Start", then "Log Off". Simply closing the Citrix window will not end your session on the server and will continue to consume system resources.

  • Any abuse may result in revocation of access.

  • For more information, please see the OIT Frequently Asked Questions for Virtual Lab (VLab)

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