Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing From Anywhere

  • For group meetings, BlueJeans is a popular video conferencing option that is provided to all faculty, staff, and students by Georgia Tech.

    Scheduling Regular BlueJeans Sessions for Classes or Meetings

  • For classes and group presentations, BlueJeans Events offers additional features more suitable for these kinds of events (e.g. "Raise Your Hand", "Polls", and "Q&A")

    Scheduling BlueJeans Events Sessions for Classes

  • For small-scale needs, PC- or Mac-based options such as iChat or Skype may be sufficient and do not require any specialized equipment. If you need help determining whether these types of options would meet your needs, please discuss with your IT support person.

On-Campus Video Conferencing

  • The equipment below is owned and maintained by different schools within IAC but is shared whenever possible. To inquire about scheduling, please send a message to; all IAC IT staff will see your request. Of course, please indicate which equipment you'd like to schedule.

  • The equipment provides IP-based videoconferencing over the Internet, so there is no separate charge for the connection. In some cases, the other party may not be capable of IP-based videoconferencing and instead use another technology (such as ISDN-based videoconferencing). Communication may still be possible but may require additional technical accommodation and charges. IT staff can discuss this scenario with you.

  • It is essential to schedule a time with the other party in advance of the videoconference to test connectivity. Without testing we cannot be certain that equipment on both sides will communicate reliably during the videoconference.

Specific Ivan Allen College Videoconferencing Facilities

  1. D.M. Smith Building Room 303

    Suitable for small or medium-sized groups; features a medium-sized conference table and large-screen display

    DM Smith Room 303

  2. School of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC) Mobile Cart

    Suitable for small- or medium-sized groups; can be moved anywhere within the Skiles Building and features a 50-inch display

    LMC Mobile Cart

  3. Swann Polycom systems

    Compact equipment suitable for small groups of 1-2

    Swann Polycom Systems

  4. Habersham Building Room 307

    Suitable for small or medium-sized groups; features a medium-sized conference table and large-screen display

    Habersham Room 307