Who Covers What

The IAC IT group works as a team to cover all areas, but each school/unit has a primary contact. This page shows these primary contacts. The best way to request IT assistance is to send a message to helpdesk@iac.gatech.edu (or support@lmc.gatech.edu for LMC specifically) -- the entire team will see the request, and a ticket will be created in the request database -- this allows us to review and track the status of each request.

General Oversight
Peter Brecke
Steve Hodges

Center for Advanced Communications Policy
Ken Bernard

Vacant (shared team coverage)

History & Sociology
Christopher Kennedy

International Affairs
Joe Zima

Ivan Allen College Dean's Office
Joe Zima

Literature, Media & Communication
Grantley Bailey
Melanie Richard

Modern Languages
Vacant (shared team coverage)

Public Policy
Christopher Kennedy

ROTC Units
Christopher Kennedy

Kevin Pittman