Who Covers What

The IAC IT group works as a team to cover all areas, but each school/unit has a primary contact. This page shows these primary contacts. The best way to request IT assistance is to send a message to helpdesk@iac.gatech.edu (or support@lmc.gatech.edu for LMC specifically) – the entire team will see the request, and a ticket will be created in our request database, allowing us to review and track the status of each request.

General Oversight

Steve Hodges - Director
Eric Mungai - Associate Director and Technical Lead

Center for Advanced Communications Policy

Ken Bernard (temporary)


Ken Bernard

History and Sociology

Ken Bernard

International Affairs

Eric Mungai

Ivan Allen College Dean's Office

Christopher Kennedy
Nicholas Platt

Literature, Media, and Communication

Grantley Bailey
Melanie Richard

Modern Languages

Nicholas Platt

Public Policy

Christopher Kennedy

ROTC Units

Christopher Kennedy, Nicholas Platt, Ken Bernard (shared)

Web Development

Kevin Pittman