Adobe Licensing


All Adobe Creative Cloud software now requires login with an Adobe ID. This is a change from the previous serialized installations that did not require individual login to the software. (For those familiar with login to installed software such as Microsoft Office 365 applications, this process works similarly.)

Georgia Tech users can use the long form of their GT Account (e.g., as their Adobe ID.

Licensing varies for different types of Georgia Tech users -- there is one kind of license for most faculty, staff, and graduate student employees; and there are other license options for all other students.

Faculty, Most Staff, and Graduate Student Employees: Named User Licensing

All Georgia Tech faculty, most staff, and all graduate student employees have licensed access to all Adobe Creative Cloud applications. They can install and log into the software and on GT-owned and personally-owned computers. This is known as Named User Licensing (NUL). Further information

All Other Current Students: Options

Shared Device Licensing on Georgia-Tech-Owned Computers

All other current students can log into Adobe Creative Cloud applications on Georgia-Tech-owned computers where it's installed (such as computer lab machines), but not on personally-owned computers. This is known as Shared Device License (SDL). Further information


Individual License Purchased from USG Tech Store

Current Georgia Tech students who want to use Adobe Creative Cloud applications on personally owned computers can purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud annual subscription from the Adobe (current price is approximately $240 for the 1-year subscription).

Note: We recommend that you completely remove all previous serialized versions of Adobe Creative Cloud products for named user licensing or shared device licensing to work properly -- in particular when moving from serialized to NUL licensing.