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There are several ways to obtain software licensed by Georgia Tech or the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.  In some cases, this involves downloading and installing the software on your own computer; in other cases it involves running the software on a lab or other shared computer.

  1. OIT Software Distribution provides some common packages, including EndNote, Microsoft Office, and certain mathematical packages. Some software is only allowed to be installed on Georgia Tech owned computers - notes on the site indicate which packages this applies to.

  2. USG Software Resource and Services (SRS) is a University-system-wide service that allows Georgia Tech users to purchase some packages at a discount, either for personal or Georgia Tech use -- including Adobe products.

  3. Virtual Lab (or "VLab") allows IAC faculty, staff, and students to connect to a "virtual machine" containing various specialized software.

  4. The IAC Stats Server is a high-performance, 64-bit computation platform, to be used for the intensive data analysis processes required by statistics software. There is some overlap of software titles between the VLab and Stats Server; the VLab is intended for needs that can be met with a normal desktop computer, while the Stats Server is intended more for very large data sets or computationally intensive processes.

Software Available on IAC vlab:

  • Stata
  • Stat Transfer
  • R
  • ArcGIS
  • Stella
  • JMP
  • eViews
  • MathType
  • NVivo
  • VantagePoint
  • SPSS

Software Available on IAC Stats server:

  • SAS
  • Stata
  • Matlab
  • R
  • ArcGIS
  • VantagePoint

The above software is also available in various physical labs in the College.