Virtual Lab (VLab) Overview

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The IAC-VLab Desktop is a part of the Georgia Tech Virtual Lab (abbreviated as VLab). The VLab provides Georgia Tech students, faculty and staff a way to access a Windows Desktop with the software listed below from any computer with Internet access.  It is similar to having remote desktop access to an IAC lab computer with specialized software used in IAC's various disciplines.

IAC-Vlab Current Software List

Currently, IAC offers Virtual Lab machines with the following software:

  • ArcGIS
  • eViews
  • IHMC CmapTools
  • JMP
  • MathType
  • Matlab
  • nVivo
  • R and R Studio
  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • Stat Transfer
  • Stata
  • Stella
  • Tableau Desktop (academic use only)
  • VantagePoint

Getting Started

  1. Login to the VLab -
  2. Click Desktops in the top center
  3. Open IAC-VLAB-2022
  4. (Note: Though the VLab will run in a browser window without any extra software, you may choose to install the native Citrix Client for certain additional functionality, such as connection between the VLab machine and your computer's local storage or printer.)

Other Notes and Resources

The following related documents address issues of file storage and printing: